So you made it!  Through the anxious moments not knowing whether you would be able to keep your home.  Will the modification go through?  Should we do a short sale?  Will someone make an offer?  Will they qualify?  Will the house get foreclosed?  Should we just move out now?  Where will we go?  How bad will my credit be?  Will I be able to rent a good place?  Would we ever be able to buy again?  How do I tell the kids we might have to move?  How do I tell my parents?  Maybe we were never meant to buy in the first place.  Property values were not supposed to go down.   I had a really good job- who would have thought the company would close down.

Are you wondering:

>  What got me in this mess?
>  How do I prevent it from happening again?
>  How much can I really afford?
>  How do I make sure I can afford my payments, especially if it adjusts in the future?
>  What has this done to my credit?  How can I make it better?
>  Where is my money going?
>  Will I ever be able to save?
>  What happened to my 401k?  Should I stop putting money there, should I put more?
>  Will I ever be able to pay off my mortgage?
>  Should I ever pay off my mortgage?
>  What if something tragic happens to one of us?
>  Will I ever have enough to retire one day?
>  Will I be able to afford to send the kids to college?

Got questions?  We´ve got answers.  Let us help you figure it all out with a R.E.A.L. Action Plan.  Take control and call 714-903-7750 to schedule your personalized appointment today or fill out the fields below with your contact information.

Have you been feeling a little like Humpty Dumpty? Let us do what all the king´s horses and all the king´s men couldn´t - let us help you put all the pieces together!


Jan Wilson
Jan Wilson
R.E.A.L. Retirement Coach
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