Helping Residents, Employers, Employees, and Executives Achieve the Lifestyle of their dreams, with retirement as a clear end goal. 

Through comprehensive personalized coaching and financial wellness programs, we help our clients identify (1) their true purpose for money, (2) their definition of "retirement," and (3) areas where dollars are being lost unknowingly or unintentionally so they can make decisions consistent with their clearly defined goals.  In today's environment, whether you just want to sustain your current lifestyle or to leave a legacy, you need a clear road map.

As a key differentiator, we place special emphasis on Real Estate Assets and Liabilities coaching as we believe that each real estate and mortgage decision has a large impact on shortening or lengthening the road to retirement.

If you are a business owner or an employee and you are still working, you need a R.E.A.L. Coach.  Let Jan Wilson, founder of R.E.A.L. Coach, use her years of experience as real estate and mortgage broker, senior risk consultant, financial advisor and life and healthcare insurance agent to help you get where you want to go.  If you are "retired," we can help identify and mitigate risks that threaten your ability to sustain the quality of life you have enjoyed during retirement or that may diminish the legacy you want to leave. 

Jan resides with her family in Garden Park, a West Garden Grove community she has called home for over 18 years, owns Garden Park Realty and OC Mortgage Coach, and is President of Garden Park, Inc., a community services company, continually finding ways to give back and make a difference locally.  A supporter of the City of Garden Grove's Live / Work / Play objectives, Jan wants to help people STAY.  Regarding the City's goal to have people Live Here, Shop Here, Jan wants to encourage people to WORK here.  Check out our latest neighborhood Garden Park Green postcard ( designed to help our local businesses thrive; and our Financial Wellness in the Workplace programs below.  

Financial Wellness Programs.  Recent surveys reveal that "an employee's personal financial stress … can have a direct impact on their performance at work.” “There are many … making a good income [with] a good job who also feel financial stress.” “Employers are offering financial education to help employees manage their money, understand their workplace benefits, and improve their investment decisions."

The message these studies tell has become all too common and addresses the need for financial wellness and retirement planning programs in the workplace. R.E.A.L. Coach (Retirement, Employment And Lifestyle Coach), a neighborhood Retirement Counselor, has developed a “Road Map to Retirement” program to help area Residents, Employers, Employees, Entrepreneurs Achieve  Lifestyle of their dreams by offering:

1)     quality workplace retirement and financial wellness programs, while 

2) improving an employers’ bottom line.

The adaptable program addresses typical concerns that employees have as they move from Early-Career, to Mid-Career and Pre-Retirement stages. The program is comprehensive and includes:

Foundational Workshops/Courses

Real Estate Topics

Generational Topics

Initial Personal Well-Being Survey

Mortgage Topics

Progress Checkups

Personal Road Map Guide

Tax Topics

Personal Consulting … and more …

Retirement Income Calculator Link

Household Expenses

from an Independent Agent

using a Fiduciary Standard 

in the Workplace for 

A Stronger Workforce

Emailed Retirement Tips

Behavioral Impact

Account Estimate Statements

Healthcare Impact

Life Event Classes

Life Insurance Topics

 As a fiduciary, R.E.A.L. Coach acts in a client’s best interests; therefore, although we are often able to assist in executing a recommended solution, there is no requirement or obligation for participants to use our services to do so.

The Road Map to Retirement program is intended to supplement rather than replace classes traditionally offered onsite by a company’s 401k/403b benefit administrator. 

Employers notice improvements to the bottom line when R.E.A.L. Coach works with them to track improvements in one or more specific target area, such as:





Wage Garnishments


401k Loans


Excess Absenteeism

Short-term Disability



Excess Tardiness

Long-term Disability

Workers Comp Claims

401k Participation

Workplace Violence

Workplace Tension

Substance Abuse

Sec 125 Participation

Delayed Retirement

Distractions at Work

Healthcare Costs

Financial Well-Being

Your Road Map to Retirement 

Participants attend 2 half-day Foundational Retirement Workshops, schedule a 2-hour custom session soon after, receive a Road Map Guide plus quarterly Progress Checkups. The Workshop Outline entails:

Part 1

Part 2

  • Understanding Your Destination

  • Understanding Common

          Retirement Vehicles 

  •   Reviewing 4 Biggest Retirement Risks

  • Getting Your Mind Over Money


  • Understanding How Much Retirement Costs

  •  Aligning Your Residence and Your Retirement

  • Reviewing Your Expenses Today

  • Exploring Your Expenses at Retirement

  • Putting It All Together for You

At the conclusion of the program, employees declare a desired retirement year and begin working on purpose with an end-goal in mind. Their financial pressures are relieved, not because these go away, but because hurdles, triggers and roadblocks are identified, together with ways they can progressively address them. They are better able to focus on work and their sense of fulfillment and self-esteem are enhanced as their work performance improves. Their financial literacy increases, and they are empowered to make wise financial choices as they feel themselves moving up the financial well-being scale. 

An employer’s benefit calculation is unique, as are the values they place on each target area. A well-executed program pays for itself and provides a positive return on investment.  The sample below demonstrates just some of the potential savings using a few target areas:

Estimated Annual Savings with 4 Sample Target Areas Tracked

(Assumptions:  120 Employees, $45,000 Salary, $22.50 Hourly, U.S. Avg Costs/Percentages)

Wage Garnishments ($600 costs to process each, 7% EEs w/garnishment, 30% program impact)

  $ 1,512

Absenteeism (3% absences daily, 261 workdays, 10% excess absences, $172 daily pay x 30% impact)


Turnover ($15,000 per lost EE, 18% turnover rate, 10% impact)


Delayed Retirement ($10,000 per delaying EE, 10% EEs nearing retirement, 10% impact)


Estimated Annual $ Savings with Tracking for Only 4 Target Areas


Additional benefits that may not be easily quantifiable initially include improved confidence, morale, and quality of work. An employer’s reputation is enhanced, and as we recommend, when the program is added as part of the annual employee benefit, it serves to attract new talent and further reduce turnover. (Well-being is among the top 5 reasons employees give for leaving.)

It becomes clear that while adding Financial Wellness in the Workplace is an expense, the value added also improves the bottom line. To better measure your unique program results, we recommend running the full program for at least 12 months and to give each employee an opportunity to participate in the Foundational Workshop. After all employees have an opportunity to attend the Workshop, the program would then be adjusted to run the Workshop quarterly as a refresher, or for new employees or for those entering a different retirement stage, while continuing with Progress Checkups monthly.  Although 120 employees were illustrated, R.E.A.L. Coach also designs for different sizes or a pilot group before rolling out to the entire community.

Let us help you implement Financial Wellness in your Workplace for a Stronger Workforce!  Call Jan Wilson, Certified Financial Education Instructor today at 714-719-0048.

Jan Wilson
Jan Wilson
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