R.E.A.L. Coach Tasks 

R.E.A.L. Coach (Executive Services)

Helps professionals, wealthy individuals and successful business owners retain key personnel by offering solutions to:

Retain Executives using Arbitrage and Leverage solutions with Less Risk.  Click here to view short videos of various scenarios where these can be applied.  These solutions also help resolve concerns for supplemental income, wealth transfer, and estate planning .  Click here to review our comprehensive Hallmark Services.

R.E.A.L. Coach (Hallmark Services)

Provides comprehensive services for real estate, mortgage, financial, retirement and estate planning concerns:

·       Real estate review, analysis, determine immediate need, what “retirement” means to you


·       Evaluate options for asset repositioning, optimization, and protection


·       Asset review and analysis, affordability assessment, reserves analysis


·       Liability review and analysis, suggestions for liability management/cost containment and inflation-adjusted cost projections


·       Consulting sessions to understand your needs, goals and objectives, gap analysis


·       Obtain and review related financial documents


·       Assess and quantify cash flow shortfalls and suggestions to rectify


·       Coordinate and communicate as appropriate with members of your advisory team (i.e., your CPA, financial/insurance planner, attorney, etc.)


·       Hold periodic calls to update status, prepare/present a report of recommended actions

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Click here to review our Executive Services for wealthy individuals and successful business owners.

Jan Wilson
Jan Wilson
R.E.A.L. Retirement Coach
12771 Bailey Street Garden Grove CA 92845