Social Security Maximized - Avoid Costly Mistakes

How and when you start receiving social security benefits can have long lasting and unintentional effects.  Learn more here.

What a R.E.A.L. Coach does for financial, retirement and estate planning:

Retain Executives using Arbitrage and Leverage solution with Less Risk (

helps answers questions:

Self-Financed Insurance - Leverage with Lower Risk

For years, the wealthy have attempted to use insurance premium financing principles to springboard their financial goals, but faulty product designs have led to disappointing results.  Our programs mitigate, if not eliminate, much of the risk inherent in older designs.  Watch the video clips here to see a sampling of the solutions our innovative programs provide.

A Tax Free Retirement Tomorrow - Make Simple Choices Today

Will your current retirement vehicle provide the benefits you want?  Compare retirement alternatives here, and let us help you identify areas where you are transferring away dollars unknowingly or unintentionally and redirect these funds to achieve your retirement goals.
Jan Wilson
Jan Wilson
R.E.A.L. Retirement Coach
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