Why is All this Information Provided Free?

The Shorter Story

Simply put, this entire site was designed to help real estate, finance and retirement consumers make informed decisions and to consider using our services during their next real estate transaction.  It has been said that “knowledge is power,” and the goal is to provide you with as much detailed and useful information as possible to reduce the level of uncertainties and to help you make sound decisions in today’s fast-paced economy.  We hope you will turn to us for your next real estate or finance transaction with confidence that we have the knowledge and skill on which you can depend.


The Longer Story

In the small town where I grew up, local vendors customarily gave local shoppers "brata,"  a small gift with their purchase to show that they appreciated their business.  This spirit of giving is a part of life at Garden Park.  Our families serve as volunteers in a vital education work in our community, and professionally, we offer our clients as much information as we can to make them equipped to make sound business decisions.


The motto of our company is “the company that gives back,” and in every transaction, we look for ways to give back to our clients.  Instead of spending advertising dollars trying to earn new business, we devote more of our resources to finding ways that bring value to our current and prospective clients; and providing meaningful information is but one means to accomplish this.  With over 20 years’ experience in the real estate and finance industry, we still learn information from each transaction that could prove valuable to our current and prospective clients and we make that information available to you.


In order to better educate consumers, we have provided this compre­hen­sive information as a FREE No-Obligation Service.  Consumers who visit our site get a glimpse of our knowledge and the quality of service we provide our clients.  We extend an invita­tion to you to take advantage of the wealth of information contained in our site, and we look forward to assisting you or someone you care about in your next transaction.  Just give us a call at 714.903.7750 for a private consultation.

Jan Wilson
Jan Wilson
R.E.A.L. Retirement Coach
12771 Bailey Street Garden Grove CA 92845