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R.E.A.L. Coach, a term synonymous with R.E.A.L. Retirement Coach, is a Real Estate Assets and Liabilities Coach, a coach who uses a comprehensive approach in assisting clients reach their real estate and financial goals.  Coaching has historically been used to describe the process by which one is transported from where he is to where he wants to be.  The terms were coined by Realtor and financial advisor, Jan Wilson.  From Jan's years of experience, real estate is typically the largest single asset in an individual's estate, and a mortgage is typically the largest single liability.  With this in mind, a R.E.A.L. Coach recognizes the long-term impact that decisions affecting real estate and mortgages have on our retirement horizon, either shortening or extending the length of time before we are able to achieve our eventual retirement dreams. R.E.A.L. Coaches can evaluate where you are in the Real Estate Life Cycle and prepare a comprehensive R.E.A.L. Plan that documents your current position and then compare this to your future goal, performing a gap analysis with attendant recommendations.  Click here for a more complete breakdown of the tasks performed by a R.E.A.L. Coach.

The road to becoming a R.E.A.L. Coach was a rather lengthy one.  Click here to learn more about Jan's work experience and education.


Jan Wilson
Jan Wilson
R.E.A.L. Retirement Coach
12771 Bailey Street Garden Grove CA 92845
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